As the temperature continues to drop, the peak of flu season inches closer and closer.

91-year-old Russell Williams of Beaumont makes it an autumn tradition to get a flu shot.

“You know especially if you're older if you get the flu it could turn into pneumonia, and your really have a problem,” Williams said.

He’s a seasoned veteran when it comes to fighting illnesses. In his more than nine decades of life he won his battle with cancer and battles diabetes and a host of other ailments daily.

Although Southeast Texas falls are much warmer than his hometown in northeast Ohio, Williams doesn’t let temperatures or father time slow him down.

“I just look forward, I'm still having a good time in my old age,” The 91-year-old said. “I party almost every weekend in Houston. I go out with friends to people's houses in different places.”

Carrying with him some ageless advice.

“Getting a flu shot is very important and you should have it every year,” Williams said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges everyone over the age of six to get the flu vaccine by the end of October.

Kathy DeMeritt, a physician assistant at American Family Care, said you need to get vaccinated early because if you’re sick, it’s too late.

In addition to getting a flu shot she recommends people stay healthy, eat well and get rest so your body isn’t run down and your immune system stays strong.

She also recommends washing your hands.

For those without insurance, flu shots are $10 at AFC Urgent Care on Dowlen Road.