SAN ANTONIO -- Nearly a month has passed since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. With parts of the island still without water or electricity, many Puerto Rican medical patients have made their way to the mainland.

One tiny patient from Puerto Rico, Sebastian Roman, landed in San Antonio needing major medical treatment.

The 9-month old has congestive heart failure. The storm on his home island of Puerto Rico knocked out the resources he needed to stay alive.

Thanks to the organization Puerto Rico Relief Airlift, based out of the Alamo City, Sebastian and other patients in need were able to fly off the island. The problem? The organization can't sustain them here much longer.

Making matters even worse, the family has no relatives here. They don’t have a car or a home. They've been living in a motel and using Uber to get to Sebastian's medical appointments.

That hasn't been easy since Sebastian relies on an oxygen tank, suction machine, and his other baby supplies. To top it off, Sebastian will need open heart surgery within a month to keep him fighting.

Right now, what the family needs most is a place to live and a car to get around.

If you would like to help the Roman family, you can visit their GoFundMe page here.

The family also has an account at Security Service Federal Credit Union under the name Desiree Roman and Axel Dieppa.