An idea that stems from a program developed in Finland more than 70 years ago is becoming a trend in the United States.

It's called the baby box. Makers want to raise awareness around Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

San Antonio's Goldenview Ultrasound is giving their customers a baby box for free when coming in for any of their services.

"I'm actually really excited, I've never had one before," Jaysey Velez, mother of four said. "I sometimes put them in a crib but don't always feel safe."

Velez got her box from Goldenview Ultrasound. The clinic provides ultrasounds but has ordered hundreds of baby boxes.

"It's a nice way to give back," owner Nikki Limburg said. "We hope we make parenting easier for them with these resources."

Inside the box is a soft mattress and educational resources. 

"It's designed to promote sleep safety and prevent SIDS rates in the United States." Limburg said.

According to the center for disease control, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome was 43 percent of deaths for infants less than one year in age.

Doctors at the University Health System hospital said there is a need for sleep safety education in San Antonio.

They warn people should not be completely dependent on the boxes.

"We're not saying it will protect the babies completely," Dr. Alice Gong, Neonatologist said. "It's a nice place to sleep- not in a family's bed,"