HOUSTON- People are doing everything they can to prevent from becoming sick; from stocking up on vitamins, to constantly washing their hands to eating more chicken soup. Restaurants across the Houston area are feeling the demand.

Niko Niko’s in Montrose is selling its chicken and lemon soup by the quart. Catering manager Kostas Veliadis says companies, in an effort to keep staff healthy, are having the chicken soup catered.

“I wouldn’t call it just food. It’s like medicine,” said Veliadis. “People come here and they get this when they don’t feel well. When they feel like they have the flu.”

The traditional Greek recipe at Niko Niko's has been helping generations recover from seasonal illnesses.

“It’s liquid obviously and when the body is not feeling well, you need some liquids,” said Veliadis. “Also, it has a lot of lemon, so vitamin C is right there.”

At Mexican restaurants, like El Tiempo Cantina, chicken soup or caldo de pollo, is made by scratch every single day.

“And just the miraculous, kind of unknown properties of chicken soup that we still don’t know why,” said Executive Chef Domenic Laurenzo. “Chicken soup is synonymous with getting better, when you’ve got the flu, when you’re not feeling well.”


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