HOUSTON - After rushing in to help a driver after a horrible crash, a local Good Samaritan is speaking out about the ordeal.

It was all caught on camera. A car can be seen on surveillance video flipping over several times before a local woman ran to the scene to help.

The crash happened in west Houston on South Dairy Ashford near Briarforest.

Victoria Hoagland didn't initially see the crash but heard what was going on outside her office at Auto Care Unlimited.

"It was a combination of a crunch and a bang at the same time," said Hoagland. As soon as she heard the noise, she got up from her desk and ran outside.

"The moon roof was smashed in, the doors were smashed in, it was up on its side. The back window was completely blown out." she said.

So Hoagland pulled some of the driver's things out of the car and, unselfishly, crawled into the car herself.

"She was on her side, strapped in with a seat belt and she was trying to hold herself up with her other leg on the other side of the car," Hoagland said of the driver.

But she also "held her hand for a little bit and I said 'How you feeling?' and said 'Do you want me to take the seat belt off? And she said 'yes please.'"

Hoagland even stayed with the disoriented driver until paramedics and police arrived.

"Maybe it was the mom in me that kicked in," she said. "It just seemed like the right thing to do."

She said she's been there, in an accident before and nobody came to help.

"I wanted to be able to help somebody because I've experienced that fear," Hoagland said.

But the only fear she said she had this day was not knowing what she'd find inside the car.

"I was really amazed to see how many times that vehicle flipped over especially given that she only had a cut on the side of her head," she said.

The woman who flipped the car told Hoagland she didn't remember driving.

Hoagland said the woman walked herself to an ambulance and seemed to be all right.

It's unclear what caused the crash. As for Hoagland, she's only worked at the body shop for two months.