After hours of searching for the mother of a little girl who was found alone in a parking lot, police found and charged her.

Atlanta police charged Crystal Monique Hitts with cruelty to children in the first degree after her 18-month-old girl was left in Bank of America parking lot in her Chrysler Pacifica.

When the baby was found on Saturday, police were not immediately able to identify who her parents were. The car had Michigan tags which helped police track down who she could have been with.

The child has been placed in Georgia Division of Family and Children' Services (DFCS) custody.

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Hitts is from Michigan but was found in Riverdale, about 20 miles from where the baby was left. Her family said she was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and before she went missing, spoke with an uncle who lives in Mableton.

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Police said Hitts was in good condition when she was found but described her as having a "disconnect" from reality. Officers said Hitts did not mention having a child in the 20 minute ride from Riverdale to Atlanta police headquarters.

She also told police that the clothes she was wearing at the time were not her own.

Police believe she doesn't remember much of what happened between the moment she stopped at an area bank and when she was found in Riverdale. And while police said they do not believe she is lying, they said she will face charges of child abandonment and reckless conduct.