SEALY, Texas - There's a saying that in small towns, everyone knows your name. In Sealy, that seems to be true.

It's likely that if you're from here or passed through, you've been to Steinhauser's Feed Store.

"Lots of good memories. Good years. Good employees," said Lloyd Steinhauser, who has owned the business for more than 50 years.

One of his employees for more than 20 years was Clint Havran.

"He's very likeable, personable guy," Steinhauser said, adding that he's known Havran even longer. "We're all heavy hearts today."

Friends around Sealy are remembering Havran, after he and three others were killed in a tour bus crash in Biloxi, Mississippi on Tuesday.

The bus was taking Clint, his wife and nearly 50 other seniors to casinos in the area.

"We sure had the suspicions last night when nobody could locate him and nobody didn't know anything," said Steinhauser.

On Wednesday, safety investigators told us that 16 accidents have happened at the same crossing in the last four decades.

In this case, the bus was stuck on the tracks for five minutes before the train plowed into it and pushed it 300 feet before coming to a stop on the tracks.

"I would come up with the analogy of 'Leave it to Beaver,'" said Casey Anderson, Havran's neighbor. "You ask him for something, he was going to do it."

Anderson said his daughter, who is special needs, had a special relationship with Havran.

"To my kids, he is their grandparent," said Anderson. "From day one, he let them come into his life."

The crash critically injured others including some in the same subdivision, where Havran lived.

Several people had gone on the trip with Havran and his wife for Clint's 80th birthday party.

Three others were killed in the crash: two were from Lockhart and one was from Bastrop.