Family and friends gathered in the parking lot of a CVS in northeast Austin Thursday night to honor Alfred Lockett, who was shot in what police believe was a road rage incident.

Police said Lockett was shot by 18-year-old Juan Carbajal Jaimes at the CVS on East Parmer Lane and Dessau Road. Police are still searching for Jaimes.

Lockett's family and friends gathered at the CVS where Lockett was killed. They said he was loving, kind, humorous and wouldn't hurt a soul.

Shortly before 5 p.m. on Tuesday police were called to the back parking lot of the CVS. Witnesses told investigators two cars were driving recklessly on Dessau -- then pulled in the parking lot. Detectives believe Lockett followed another driver -- now identified as Jaimes -- into the parking lot.

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Police said Jaimes got out of his car and shot Lockett, who remained inside his vehicle. Jaimes then drove off, but police found his car less than a mile away from the crime scene.

According to arrest documents, police traced the abandoned car back to Jaimes. They also said Lockett took some pictures of his killer on his phone before the shooting. Police compared them to pictures of Jaimes and they were a match.

People close to Jaimes say they have not heard from him since the shooting.

"For my cousin to lose his life in such a violent matter is totally mind blowing," said Lockett's cousin, Lisa Robinson-Beasley. "It still hasn't hit me it hit me...I still expecting [Lockett] to show up at my next BBQ, and it's not going to happen"

Lockett's family says his funeral will be in Abilene.

Police are currently offering a $1,000 reward for any information on this case.