FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas - Nearly a month after Hurricane Harvey, homeowners are still desperate for answers.

Hundreds of them packed into Cinco Ranch High School Saturday morning for a town hall meeting with local and state representatives.

“We wanted to find out what they intend to do so that this doesn’t happen to us again,” said Bethany Voges who lives in the Cinco Ranch community.

Four weeks ago, she and her family were forced to evacuate after two and a half feet of water flooded their home and sat inside it for seven days.

“It’s just, rebuild and hope someone comes up with an idea,” said Voges of the current plan to protect the neighborhood from another flood.

An idea is not enough for some residents in the Canyon Gate neighborhood.

They brought posters to the town hall meeting that read “buy out Canyon Gate.” Some residents also wore painter's masks to the meeting, the same masks so many are wearing as they gut their homes.

The masks are a symbol of solidarity for the community that now smells like sewage.

“The historic Canyon Gate,” said Sanjay Aryamuzumdar. “Nobody knew about it until Harvey. He made sure everyone got to know about Canyon Gate,” said Yasmeen Aryamuzumdar.

After 17 years of living in their two-story Canyon Gate home, which is in the Barker Reservior, it flooded for the first time.

Town hall participants asked about everything from buy-outs to whether they should rebuild. They wondered about why evacuations happened when they did, and not sooner.

“Everybody is pointing fingers at each other,” said Aryamuzumdar.