The tropics continue to be a busy place this season. In the Atlantic we've had 'Arlene,' Brett,' and of course tropical storm 'Cindy' who gave our eastern counties a good soaking last week. On the Pacific side, we have our first storm to reach hurricane strength of the season, hurricane 'Dora.'

Dora is packing maximum sustained winds of 90 mph with gusts above 100 mph. But 'Dora' may already be in a weakening phase as she heads west, out into the open Pacific ocean. Seas surface temperatures in that region are cooling and should cause 'Dora' do weaken and dissipate over the next 5 days with no threat to land.

Looking at our 'Atlantic' side, things have really settled down after 'Brett' and 'Cindy' last week. Computers do not suggest that anything tropical will be forming here for at least the next week. That's fine with me. Get prepared for the next storm with all the information you need to protect your family at HURRICANE CENTRAL.