TAMINA, Texas - Weeks since the fire that claimed the lives of three little children in Tamina, the thought of that night still chokes up the strongest firefighters.

"The loss of these babies destroyed a family and devastated this community and its first responders," said Jimmy Williams, Montgomery County Fire Marshal. "We feel the pain, everybody is hurting after this fire."

So Thursday morning firefighters turned a community's pain into purpose by announcing a new initiative that they believe will save lives.

"We're going door-to-door putting working smoke detectors in every bedroom, in every hallway, in that whole area," said Williams.

They won't stop until every home in Tamina has one.

"This is an area where smoke detectors are a problem, we simply don't have enough," said Williams.

There were no smoking detectors when this deadly fire started. By the time the children realized what was happening, firefighters say there was no way out.

So far the manufacturer has donated 750 of them. These smoke detectors use a special lithium battery that can last up to 10 years.

"We can make a difference literally for the next decade," said Williams.

Each one costs about $15-20. It's a small price to pay say firefighters for something that can make a life saving difference.

"For a donation of $100 you can equip two or three families with smoke detectors and protect their lives," said Williams.

There's no firm date for when firefighters will begin installing these smoke detectors, but they expect to begin in a few weeks.

If you'd like to help you can drop off your donation and Needham Fire and Rescue located at 9430 TX-242, Conroe, Texas 77385.

Investigators also provided an update on the investigation. There is still no cause for the fire, but investigators believe they know the fire started on the second floor.

They have however ruled out any type of foul play. They say it might be impossible to determine an exact cause due to the extent of the damage.