Numerous explosions could be heard from Tyler Welders Supply located at 3539 State Highway 271 in Tyler starting around 2 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

Eric Olmstead caught this image of the explosion you can see above the tree line. 

Officials evacuated the area within a half-mile radius of the business as a precaution, and a shelter has been set up at Pine Springs Baptist Church on County Road 334 where anyone affected can go to stay cool and get help if needed.

Fire crews believe there will be no more explosions, and are letting the fire burn itself out, but continue to monitor it on the ground as well as with drones.

It is unknown at this time what ignited the blaze, however, authorities have located an employee they believe was delivering something to the business and may have seen what ignited the blaze.

Tyler Welders Supply employs between 20-30 people, and all were safely evacuated despite the large amount of shrapnel that was flying through the air.

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