Three days after gunfire erupted in a southwest Houston neighborhood, friends and family are praying for justice for Casey Brown.

"This is not a white thing, this is not a black thing, this is a right thing," said Princess Brown, Casey's mother.

Quanell X and Brown's family are calling for the arrest and indictment of HPD Ofc. J. Loosmore.

Last Thursday, Loosmore shot Brown in his own front yard.

HPD says Brown's German Shepherd attacked Loosmore's dog while on a walk with his wife. Loosmore returned to Brown's home with his badge and gun to try and file a report, but a fight broke out.

The officer, who was off-duty at the time, opened fire.

"This is not a justifiable shooting," said Quanell X.

But HPD claims it was justifiable. Police say Brown attacked first, but they admit Brown wasn't armed.

Quanell X says witness accounts don't match up with HPD's version of events.

"This man is on his own property," said Quanell X. "The trespasser is the cop. If anyone should be charged, it's the police officer."

Witnesses told KHOU 11 News last week the officer started the fight and that he only ID'd himself as HPD until after he shot him.

"Cop throws the dude against the wall, dude tries to swing and cop shoots him four times in the chest," said witness, Kelechi Brown. "That's extreme you know. Here we are in Houston, thought we were doing okay with the police brutality thing going around in America and it seems like HPD just joined the party."

The community is already rallying behind Brown's family.

"This is a no go, we wont take this," said his mother.

Quanell X urging local leaders and law enforcement to take appropriate action before things spiral out of control here.

"We will not sleep or rest until you do the right thing and indict this cop," said Quanell X. "If you don't want St. Louis, if you don't want Ferguson, if you don't want New York, if you don't want Dallas, if you don't want Baton Rouge, then show us you can do the right thing."

An HPD spokesman says the investigation continues and the officer remains on administrative leave.

HPD Homicide, Internal Affairs and the Harris County District Attorney's Office are all conducting concurrent investigations. That is standard protocol after these shootings.

Brown is currently in the ICU at Ben Taub Hospital.