HOUSTON - Sisters Kiaja, 13, and Kinaya Elkins, 10, were desperate to at least bring back the pictures from their flooded apartment on the eastside on Wednesday.

Those pictures were set out to dry in their aunt's home. Some of the photos had curled and were stained from the floodwaters, but now they mean a lot more to the two young sisters after learning their mom had passed away.

"She took a lot of pictures," Kiaja said about her mother, Keshia Monique Williams.

Keshia was a single mom to the two girls. The family tells KHOU 11 that she was a licensed vocational nurse. The family said she would spend long hours working to provide for her family.

"She was mortified of water. I can see her panicking. It was too much water," said Keshia's sister, Jolie Tillman.

It took two days for Tillman to finally know her sister Keshia had died. That many days in the dark made it very difficult on the family.

"Before I even got the news, it was always a thought that she could always be in a hospital somewhere," said Tillman.

She said she was going to try to make it back home before the storm got bad, but Hurricane Harvey was already bad.

As a mother would do before Harvey hit, Keshia made sure her girls were safe. She went back to her apartment on the eastside for clothes and her two dogs.

She was pulled away by the flood waters and her body was found days later outside.

The family tells us she passed away just days before her 33rd birthday. The family had a small gathering on her birthday and left balloons outside their apartment.

And now while the family is already grieving, they are in more pain. They told us Wednesday that there is Facebook video of Keshia being overcome by water. The family is fighting to get that video removed by reaching out to Facebook.

"The only thing I can see is a Facebook live video that depicts her death," Jolie said.

Family described Keshia as a fun-loving mother.

"She was really good to all of us...all of the time," Tillman said.

The family is thankful for all the items that have been donated to help them. They have created a PayPal account to also help with expenses.