HOUSTON - On Saturday, hundreds gathered to remember the soldier who was shot and killed while overseas. 

Staff Sergeant Jimmy Moriarty was one of three soldiers fatally shot outside a Jordanian military base earlier this month. 

Friend after friend shared stories to a crowd of more than 500 during the memorial service at the Annunciation Orthodox School where Jimmy went to middle school with his two older sisters, Melissa and Rebecca.  

Some of those who spoke explained how much Jimmy loved being a Green Beret - as well as how much they loved being around him.

"When you were around Jimmy, he just brought something out in you that you didn't know you had," said Sean Rogers, who went to Strake Jesuit and the University of Texas with Jimmy. "(He) had more of an impact in his 27 years than most of us will have in an entire lifetime."

Steven Geuther also shared his memories. He sent Moriarty a hat that says "Make UT Football Great Again," that has been a popular picture in the days since Jimmy died.

Staff Sgt. Jimmy Moriarty, 27, of Houston

"Jimmy was a natural born leader. People were drawn to him," Geuther said. "I'm so proud to have known him. He's a patriot, a legend and we will never ever forget him."

Jimmy's sister, Melissa, read from an email she never sent to Jimmy the night he died. 

"You're the sweetest, kindest, coolest, funniest person I know," she said, continuing. "I have a feeling the world might have just turned upside down today."

It was a foreboding feeling that came true unfortunately.

The service was capped by Jimmy's father Jim, a Vietnam veteran himself and a member of the Marine Corps.

"I cannot tell you how much it means to all of our family - for all of your support, all of your love and all your appreciation for my son," Jim said.

As for the investigation, The Washington Post reported Saturday that the three fallen soldiers in Jordan had been working for a CIA program to train moderate Syrian fighters when they were shot at a checkpoint, about 150 miles south of the Jordanian capital of Amma.

Staff Sgt. Jimmy Moriarty, 27, of Houston