HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - The family of a suspected car thief is speaking out after they say deputies used excessive force when they shot and killed Michael Maldonado during an officer-involved shooting off of Airline Dr. in north Harris County.

"You don't take someone's life for that and murder him," said Michael Maldonado's mother. "Michael was not a bad person. He did not deserve this. They took away a precious, precious angel."

Maldonado's mother is demanding a federal investigation into the officer-involved shooting that claimed the life of her son last week.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office says Maldonado was one of three suspects responsible for a car theft and may even be tied to more robberies.

Last week, deputies tracked the stolen car down, that's when deputies say Maldonado tried ramming into a patrol car, so deputies reacted and opened fire.

"They unloaded into that truck," said Quanell X.

Four deputies opened, fire killing Maldonado. Quanell X says it was overkill.

"This was an execution," said Quanell X. "You're telling me it took that many shots to subdue him, who were they trying to kill King Kong?"

Quanell X says there are witnesses who say officers were never in any danger. And he's blaming the climate on the streets after the assassination of Assistant Chief Deputy Constable Clint Greenwood as a reason for the use of excessive force.

"They have no one in custody, they're already anxious that a killer is on the loose and they fired into that truck out of anger," said Quanell X.

The investigation into the officer-involved shooting continues. Maldonado's wife is hoping it leads to answers.

"I loved him," said Amy Maldonado. "He was my life and you took my whole life away from me."

The four deputies who opened fire remain on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.