HOUSTON - With Thanksgiving now over, many families are looking forward to Christmas, but for some, it’s going to look a little different this year.

Victims of Hurricane Harvey are now finding themselves living out of their homes without a Christmas to decorate for, but there’s some people who want to help.

With a string of lights and a hopeful heart, 15-year-old Joey Cook is making sure Christmas comes around this year.

“It’s still not going to be like a normal Christmas because all of the decorations and stuff, what we do have, a lot of it was ruined because it was downstairs, or we can't put up because of the construction," Cook said.

His family’s home was taken by Hurricane Harvey just three months ago. On Friday, it’s coming along, but not fast enough.

So for Christmas, he’s decorating one of the only things he can - the trash trailer, that's full of precious memories and keepsakes that are no longer theirs.

“We decided to decorate it because it’s in the middle of our yard, so why not, make the best of a bad situation," Cook said.

But 40 miles away, over in Alvin, Tammy Guidry is starting a collection that will help families just like the Cook's.

“So that the other organizations that are collecting toys will have a place to put those presents," Guidry said.

She's collecting trees and decorations for those who lost all of theirs.

“Even though the flood came, Christmas isn’t not going to show up, so they’ve suffered enough already so we just want to, as a family, put a little light and a little hope into their holiday season," Guidry said.

Hurricane Harvey has taken enough, but for these families, it’s not taking the most wonderful time of the year.

“The kind of benefit of getting flooded is that it brings your family closer together and we are still able to do stuff like this, and still bring out the good in bad circumstances," Cook said.

If you would like to donate your Christmas decorations, you can contact Tammy Guidry through Facebook here or here.