My parents drove us to the mountains in December, 1972 so my brother and I (7 and 5 yrs at the time) could see some real snow. Only to come home to Houston and have it snow like crazy right in our own backyard in January 1973. This memory of frozen hands building a slushy snowman on Kingsride Lane, then watching the 'big kids' throw snowballs at cars, is one of my favs of all time and may be why I love fall and cooler weather so much.

Fall arrives, officially, on Friday. It's the 'Autumnal Equinox' defined by equal parts day and night. After Friday, the days will get shorter, nights longer as we plunge headlong toward the 'Winter Solstice,' the shortest day of the year and the marking of calendar winter.

But it wont feel much like Fall at all. We stay hot and humid for another week. It's next Friday that computer models suggest we may get a cool front that will finally make things around here feel like Fall should.