The Houston Independent School District's Proposition 1 passed on Saturday. 

It's passing means HISD will now write a check for millions that will be used in other school districts. If the proposition didn't pass then the state could've seized property and collected those taxes. 

HISD voters initially voted on Proposition 1 in November 2016, when they rejected it. On Saturday, 86 percent of voters approved it. 

“The board will continue to work with lawmakers to fix the broken school finance system, which impacts districts across the state," said HISD Board of Education President Wanda Adams. "We look forward to seeing meaningful changes that ensure all Texas children are provided the resources they desperately need to succeed. We at HISD believe education is an investment, not an expense, and we hope the Legislature views it the same way.”

In 2017, even though more than 75 percent of their students are labeled “economically disadvantaged,” HISD has been labeled “property wealthy” because the value of Houston’s homes and businesses keep going up.

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