Professor Gerald Horne is not short on wisdom, having taught history since the mid 1970s.

"You can't be too naive about this sort of thing," referring to a list he learned about last week.

The list is called the "Professor Watchlist" and accuses teachers at various universities of discriminating against conservative students.

When Horne first discovered it, he couldn't help but think of two things.

"The first was that this otherwise obscure professor was being dragged out of obscurity and second, hopefully, this will lead to an enhancement in my book sales," Horne said.

But all kidding aside, when he dove deeper, he realized this "Watchlist" was something altogether different.

"I think the list is supposed to tell college students that these are professors you should avoid, these are professors you should scrutinize carefully their every word," Horne said.

According to the Turning Point USA's website, its mission is to "expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students."

"Obviously this is not a way to encourage creativity or new thinking if professors are looking over their shoulder wondering if they're be punished for what they say," said Horne.

The site lists professors from nearly 150 universities and colleges around the country.

Six Texas institutions are on the list--including University of Texas-Austin, Texas A&M University, Texas Christian University, Texas State University.

"I'm not sure if people should be tossed into the so-called blacklist because of a disagreement about the interpretation of history," Horne said.

The site calls out for Horne for things he said about the pledge of allegiance as well as the National Anthem.

Organizers say they're not releasing anything new--they're just compiling information that's already out there.