Sheldon Elementary looks a little different nowadays.

"Thus far it has not been my traditional school year," said Principal Rachelle Ysquierdo.

Royalwood Church opened its doors to Ysquierdo and her staff and allowed them to transform it into an elementary school for 700 plus students.

Their actual campus was untouched by Harvey, but C.E. King High School in Sheldon ISD fared much worse. So Ysquierdo opened her campus to needy high school students and Sheldon Elementary found a new place to call home.

"This is a much smaller space," said Ysquierdo.

But teachers and students are making it work.

Morning announcements not happen in a sanctuary and lunch is across the way at the activity center. Every last bit of church space is used for classrooms.

"This is a nursery and they've converted it into a classroom," said Ysquierdo. "But every Friday my teachers tear down and put things on the side so they can use their facility for church purposes."

Ysquierdo says the last few weeks haven't been easy for anyone. But it's the students who haven't missed a beat.

"Students have taken it in, lots of smiles, they've just been adapting very well to the whole situation.

An entire campus is learning to live in a new normal, refusing to bow down to Harvey and the challenges it left behind.

"We as a team come together, we're not going to let anything get us down, we're going to be stronger than before," said Ysquierdo. "We're Sheldon strong."

And the good news is administrators expect to be back at Sheldon Elementary by January.

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