HOUSTON – Houston schools could see changes to the calendar for 2017-2018, and the district is inviting parents to help in the decision-making process.

Houston Independent School District Superintendent Richard Carranza offered two proposed calendars in an email to parents early Wednesday morning.

Proposal A “aligns with previous years, in which students, teachers, and staff would get three days off for Thanksgiving (November 22-24, 2017), with school ending May 31, 2018, for students and June 1, 2018, for teachers.”

Proposal B is “a departure from previous years, this option would give students, teachers, and staff the full week of Thanksgiving off (November 20-24, 2017), with school ending June 1, 2018, for students and June 4, 2018, for teachers.”

One parent we spoke with on Wednesday said administrators should consider that not everyone celebrates the day.

“I think it would be better to spend more days in school instead of having a whole week off,” said Brandy Deutsch, an HISD parent.

The fact that Proposal B would only change the summer vacation start time by a day, didn’t seem very worrisome to other parents.

“Summer is too long anyway so one day longer, is not a problem for me,” said Kathrin Schaaf.

On the one hand, a longer break would give people time to stay out of town longer.

“They have school for a couple of days, they can’t travel the way they want to travel. Then the student is going to miss school anyway,” said Shawn Gordon, another parent.

On the other hand, the daycare issue is something to consider for a family with two working parents.

“For work, it might be difficult to schedule your times that you would also need childcare,” said Clarice Lewis.

Both proposals, also called drafts, are posted online for the public to view and vote on until Nov. 30.

After the voting period, administrators will recommend for the Board to approve the calendar that receives the most votes.

Vote Online: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/F97CWPZ