THE WOODLANDS, Texas - A new school in The Woodlands serves only students with Autism. Founders of Texas Autism Academy say it’s a first of its kind in Texas.

“It’s basically tailored to children with Autism,” said teacher Jane Walls.

Walls is one of several former public school teachers who started the school this fall.

It sprang from a non-profit aimed at helping area families impacted by the disorder.

“We want to accept kids that maybe can’t go other places and they may need us in the long run for long term care and education,” said Walls.

Unlike many other schools, Walls and her colleagues integrate education with what’s called “Applied Behavior Analysis.”

That’s used to better identify, treat, and track autism.

“Similar to what people who work with kids in a clinic setting would get,” said Walls. “So we have that same training.”

Right now, there are only three students enrolled at the school but it’s prepared to accommodate up to 40 kids in its current space.

“We hope to have 10 by the end of this year,” said Walls.

Tuition is about $21,000 a year, which can be prorated. Some financial aid is also available.

To learn more about the Texas Autism Academy click here.