The longtime Furr High School principal accused of threatening students with a bat has now filed a complaint with the Department of Justice against the Houston Independent School District.

Dr. Bertie Simmons is claiming retaliation and age discrimination.

The district says the threat involved the 83-year-old's stance on dress code, but Dr. Simmons is fighting to be reinstated.

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"I tease my students all the time," Dr. Simmons said. "I will say something like don't make me take my earrings off and bring you down. That baseball bat is a bat that one of my assistant principals has inscribed all my sayings on. I could hardly even pick it up. I would not threaten a student with it. I do tease them. And I do say things like that. But everybody in the school knows that I'm playing with the students."

Simmons has been temporarily reassigned while HISD investigates.