A long time principal, well-know for doing good things at a northeast Houston high school, has been asked to stay home while she’s being investigated.

Dr. Bertie Simmons is accused of threatening students at Furr High School with a baseball bat.

She has been the principal at the school for 17 years, and has a great track record. Last year, she got the school a $10 million grant.

According to a letter sent to Simmons from HISD, the threat involved the 83-year-old principal’s stance on the school’s dress code.

HISD told KHOU 11 News in a statement:

"The Principal at Furr High School in the Houston Independent School District has been temporarily relieved of duties due to a personnel matter. We cannot provide specific details out of respect for the privacy of the individuals involved. Administrators from Central Office are working closely with the school community and the campus leadership team to ensure there is no disruption to student learning."

Simmons has hired an attorney who says she does have a bat in her office, but if anything she was simply making a joke as she’s done before.

The attorney demanded in a letter to the school district that the principal be allowed to return to work by Friday.