HOUSTON - One Houston man is getting the work trip of a lifetime.

Douglas Bratton travels a lot for his job but his most recent trip to Wyoming is landing him in the right spot at exactly the right time - he'll be in the perfect spot to see the total eclipse on Monday.

Casper, Wyoming is about to explode with tourists as it is in the direct path of the total solar eclipse. Also, the weather conditions there make the probability of seeing the eclipse is very high, which makes it a prime location.

Bratton says he's been in Casper for several days. There's been a lot of buzz so far but he expects the city to get really packed this weekend.

"Some folks reckon there will be triple the population that Casper normally has. But come Friday and Saturday, it'll be chaotic I guess, kind of a Woodstock celebration. Me and myself, I'm going to find a hill top and soak it all in because it is a rare occurrence," Bratton said.

Bratton says police are expecting high volumes of traffic, and definitely road rage, due to the small roads in Casper.

He also says the hospitals are stocking up on rattlesnake anti-venom because of all the people who will be hiking through the hills trying to get the best view.

Bratton's work trip will have him leaving Casper on Tuesday, just one day after the eclipse so the timing couldn't have worked out better in his favor.