If you're planning on watching the total solar eclipse on August 21, you will need some eye protection.

A local optometrist, ReeDee Granado-Chaney, OD, of Eye Associates of Grapevine, has a few tips that comes from the American Optometric Association.

  • Do not look directly at the sun without eye protection, even for a short period of time
  • Approved solar eclipse viewers must meet international standards ISO 12312-2
  • There are 4 manufacturers who produce them
  • Do not use: sunglasses, smoked glass, unfiltered telescopes/magnifiers/binoculars
  • Inspect the solar eclipse filters for defects or damage. If they're damaged, do not use
  • Supervise children during use of the solar filters
  • Children can easily squirm around the viewers, so consider building a pinhole projector to watch the eclipse
  • If you experience any vision problems following the eclipse, visit your Doctor of Optometry

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