SPRING, Texas - Lots of drivers say they are frustrated because the road that leads them home is causing lots of damage to their cars.

It's Rayford Road between Imperial Oaks and Aldine Westfield which is under construction and full of gravel.

"I got a comment on my page about how a motorcyclist actually fell and the bike actually fell under him from the gravel taking a turn," said Kaeleigh Jordan, who manages the Facebook page Rayford Round Round Up.

"It's safety," she said. "People are having to worry about gravel flying up and breaking their windshield; we've had cracks on windshields and people have posted it on my page."

Montgomery County Precinct 3 officials know it's a major nuisance - the plan is to start milling off the top of this road by next week

"People have had a lot of issues with breaking at certain intersections where they're actually physically sliding while they're trying to break because the gravel is just so bad." said Jordan.

Commissioner James Noack said because of Harvey and because of the temperature spikes, rock is starting to come off the road.

He said it's not unsafe but knows it's an issue.

"It's been going on for months, so I don't know what the hold up is now and why it's not being done. I have no idea," Jordan said. "This is a very important safety wise and it needs to really be looked at and just fix it the way it needs to be fixed."

Noack said this is part of a major $40 million project to widen Rayford Road to six lanes. The project is supposed to be done by 2019.