HOUSTON - A pick-up game of kid's basketball on a street in a northeast Houston neighborhood has neighbors at war.

Erica Brown says she's been battling with her neighbor across the street about whether or not kids can play ball on a hoop in front of her home for two years, but now things have escalated to a dangerous new level.

"They're hearts were pounding and they were screaming," said Brown.

The video is hard to believe, but you see her neighbor driving down the street, past the kids playing basketball, then the driver reverses, then drives back and seems to speed up right toward the children.

Brown's son Anthony was in the middle of it.

"We were scared, we were running from the car because he was trying to hit us," said Anthony.

"On the video, you can see my son run inside, he's screaming hysterically saying 'he almost hit us this time,'" said Brown.

She says it isn't the first time something like this has happened. She filed her first police report last January. She says the Houston Police Department responded this week, but only issued her neighbor a warning.

KHOU 11 tried getting answers from the neighbor in the video, but no answered the door on Wednesday.

Now Brown is showing neighbors the proof and demanding police take more serious action.

"My fear is that he's going to be out of control, and he's going to hit one of these kids, and it's going to be too late," said Brown.