At first glance, Mo looks like any average 14-year-old dog. In actuality, she is far from average. In fact, if she could speak she would have an incredible story to tell.

It would start nine months ago in September when Mo and her owners, Darwin and Cindy Cameron, went on a hunting trip.

The routine outing took a horrible turn when somehow, Mo went missing.

Months would go by, months of harsh winter conditions and life in the wild.

"In January when the snow got really deep the sightings dried up," said Darwin. "We couldn't get into the last area where she had been seen. She had been seen by a trapper up there who was trying to trap wolves so we knew she was in a pretty dangerous area."

At times, the couple would imagine the worst.

"My wife and I would talk at different times and say, do you think she's dead?" said Darwin. "We'd both just kind of say my heart tells me no. Dead or alive we were going to keep looking for her."

On June 26, Darwin and Cindy found out their hearts were right. Mo was found collapsed near Horseshoe Bend and was brought to Cheri Glankler's House.

Cheri has been rescuing dogs for nearly two decades.

"When I looked at her I'm going I truly believe this is her," Cheri said. "I couldn't believe it, I could not believe that a dog of that age made it through winter."

She made it through, but lost 50 percent of her body weight and was covered with ticks.

"You can see some scratch marks, some bite marks on her so she's fought her way through some things," Darwin said.

That day, the Camerons were in Garden Valley to see if this dog was really Mo.

"Cindy looks up at Darwin and she goes I think its her, it feels like her, it smells like her, I think its her," Cheri said. "I looked at her and said I think you have your girl back and tears just poured down Cindy's face."

Now back at home, Mo is readjusting.

"She gets confused and I think it's the lack of hearing and if she can't see us then shes really confused," said Darwin.

Darwin and Cindy are readjusting as well, and everyone who hears Mo's story wonders how she did it.

"Mo saved Mo, she really did," said Cheri. "She was not going to give up until she got home."