MADISONVILLE, Texas - A local dispatcher received a call last week that was unlike any other, it was a call from her own daughter.

Layla Wray has worked as a dispatcher in the Madison County Sheriff's office for a little over a year, and never would she have imagined this could happen to her.

"If it had been another dispatcher, she would have been able to hang up that call and it would all be over, but the call is still not over for me, said Wray.

She did everything she could to stay strong as she listened to her daughter plea for help as their house burned down in flames.

"I knew I had to stay strong and my voice couldn't wobble, and I needed to tell her that everything was okay," said Wray.

Although she knew inside everything wasn't okay, and that the place she once called home would no longer be there when she returned.

Wray says she is overwhelmed by this tragic loss but so thankful for the outcry of support from the local community, including a go fund me page that has been set up for them.

More than $12,000 had been raised for the Wrays through the GoFundMe page. According to the page's organizer, the family will use the funds to "replace clothing and hygiene products first." The family will use the remaining money toward paying for a new home.