HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - The Harris County Precinct 3 Constable’s Office confirms it’s now investigating the possibility of a hate crime after a hit and run totaled a woman's car.

Deputies say the white truck failed to stop and render aid when it reversed into 27-year-old Kenisha Singleton’s Ford Fusion.

Deputies are cross-referencing a partial license plate with vehicles registered in the Summerwood neighborhood along W. Lake Houston Parkway in northeast Harris County.

Investigators are also asking homeowners who live in neighborhoods off W. Lake Houston Parkway and Summerwood Lakes Drive to review security camera footage from Wednesday around 5 p.m.

“The black girl that you picked, I’m going to make a change. You’re going to get caught,” said Singleton, who lives in the Summerwood community.

KHOU 11 News interviewed Singleton in her home as she reviewed comments left on a Facebook post about the Wednesday afternoon incident.

“This has a lot of freaking comments,” said Singleton, before she read a few out load. “'I hope they find the person that did this.' 'No one deserves this abuse.' 'That’s awful. I’m sorry this happened to you.'”

She went live on Facebook right before her Ford sedan was towed away.

In the video she explains how a white couple, a man and woman, in a white pick-up truck harassed her with racial slurs before the truck reversed into Singleton’s car.

Singleton says she was talking on her cellphone with her sister as she drove down W. Lake Houston Parkway. She says she was on her way to pick up her three-year old daughter. With her driver’s side window cracked open, Singleton recalls hearing a woman yelling.

“And, the lady rolls her window down and she fires off on me. She says N-word this, N-word that. Her husband says 'you don’t belong here.'”

Singleton says she tried to read the license plate to her sister, but the male driver, “he zoomed up to where I couldn’t get the license plate number and says you’re going to call the cops. We kill N-words too and blah, blah, blah.” she said.

Alone in her car, Singleton said she was scared and cried as she panicked.

Harris County Precinct 3 deputies say Wednesday afternoon traffic was bumper-to-bumper along the Parkway because of a DSNAP application event that was happening at the nearby Duessen Park.

Singleton says because of traffic, she couldn’t get away. Her only option was to U-turn, she says, on the parkway and drive towards Summerwood Lakes Drive.

That’s where Singleton says the truck’s driver, “zoomed in front of me, he jammed on his brakes, threw his car in reverse and he reversed all the way back on my Ford Fusion.”

Investigators say the driver of the truck is being investigating for failing to stop and render aid in addition to the accusations of racial slurs being yelled at Singleton, which could be deemed as a hate crime.

Singleton was able to give investigators a partial license plate number.