Spring Weeks pulled off a miracle, she threw together a wedding in under three days. This mother of the bride didn't have just one daughter to take care of during this wedding...but three.

"I really didn't do anything. So many people just came forward to help. It was a God thing," Weeks said.

Weeks got everything donated for free, from the dresses to the venue to the video.

"All those people will never know what this means to us," Weeks said.

Weeks' daughters aren't actually engaged to anyone, instead this ceremony is all about the first man they ever loved, their dad. Chris Weeks is 44-years-old and has colon cancer. Doctors say he doesn't have long to live.

"I still have faith in God that if he wants to heal me he will," Weeks said.

While the twelve- year Army veteran has faith, he's also making sure his daughters are taken care of no matter what.

His wife organized the ceremony so their girls ages 16, 18 and 21 could have their traditional father-daughter dance with their dad and take pictures wearing wedding dresses. They want to remember this moment with their dad when their wedding day finally comes.

"I know he wasn't comfortable but it meant so much to us that our dad this this for us. We love him so much and he's taught us so many things," said Bailee, Chris and Spring's oldest daughter.

The Weeks' children say when their wedding day finally comes they'll be lucky if their marriage has half the love they see between their mom and dad. Chris and Spring knew each other in high school and started dating after they graduated. Chris joined the Army and the two started their family as they traveled the world with the military.

"We did pretty good for two kids out of high school that didn't even know how to boil water of fix a car. It was just us all over the world," Chris said.

Chris is honest about his journey. He's sad and he's angry. He's in love with his wife and girls and doesn't want to leave them behind.

"I'm not scared of going. I just don't want to leave my wife and girls," Chris said.

As difficult as the ceremony was, Chris says he did it as a gift for his family. He also says it was a special time to share his wisdom and wishes for his girls.

"He has taught us so much. He tells us to not listen to other people and to be who we are. I think that's really powerful," Paige said.

Chris also wants to use his life as a lesson to raise awareness for colon cancer. He says anyone over 35 years old should be proactive and speak with you doctor about your risks.

"I know God is sovereign. He may use my situation to help someone else," Chris said.

Whether it's a stranger who may look into their health or his daughters who now have a special memory with their dad, Chris will never stop being a father who wants to teach his children how to be the best you can in life. 

Event video courtesy: Josh Satterfield