HOUSTON - It’s at the top of the local ticket: The race for Harris County District Attorney has unleashed an on-going display of political fireworks and it’s not over yet.

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson and Democratic opponent Kim Ogg are both working around the clock in an effort to sway voters before Tuesday.

Anderson claimed victory over Ogg back in 2014.

However, Ogg told KHOU 11 News that the presidential election and the problems that have erupted across Harris County’s criminal justice system are making for a much different political landscape.

A recent University of Houston poll showed Ogg with a 7-point lead over Anderson, up from a virtual tie at the end of the summer.

“The biggest thing that’s wrong with our justice system, is it has lost sight of our goals. Our justice system doesn’t make people feel safe any longer,” said Kim Ogg, while talking with voters at the Log Cabin Soul Food Restaurant in the Acres Homes neighborhood on Sunday.

Ogg has been hammering away at Anderson over two high-profile controversies: an incident involving the a jailed rape victim and the loss of evidence at Harris County Precinct 4.

Anderson denies any wrong-doing by her office and is accusing her opponent of grandstanding.

“I think some of the stories that have gotten out have been misrepresented, and I think people who know me, know I don’t play politics with this job. I follow the law,” said Devon Anderson.

Anderson is reminding critics that Ogg had run in the past as Republican and voted in the GOP primary in 2008.

She’s also making a final push to minority voters.

“This year, we went nationwide in our search for lawyers. We went to six minority job fairs. We gave out 12 offers to lawyers, and eight of those are people of color,” Anderson explained to church-goers at First Metropolitan Church.

Anderson and Ogg both agree on one thing – nobody wants this election to be over more than the candidates themselves.