HOUSTON - The doors closed Friday evening on flooded-out families looking for help in Harris County. The Texas Heath and Human Services Department handed out financial assistance on Lonestar Cards to help with food and groceries.

Friday at 7 p.m. was the deadline to apply in person for the D-SNAP program at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston.

The line snaked around the building for hours. It seemed to never end, but when the doors closed a few minutes after the 7 o'clock deadline, KHOU 11 met a handful of frustrated families who couldn't get in.

"Can't get in line, everybody else is getting in line but they're not letting me in line," said John Woods.

"They had said nobody will be cut off if you're still in the line, but they did but since I don't want no confrontation I have to go," said Stephen Thoingo, who also was left outside.

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As fast as state health workers rushed people in, crowds of people came out saying once you got inside the process was quick but selective.

"I didn't get assistance, I make too much money and I only lost food, about 100 dollars when the lights went out," said Margo Price, who was denied benefits.

However, to another woman, a mom with three sons, it was worth the wait. She got around $900 dollars.

"It means a lot, it means a lot, I'm unemployed, I don't have the money to try to make bills," said Dyamond Alexander, who received help.

She's felt lost since Harvey and says the state shouldn't turn it's back on anyone who needs the help.

"There's a lot of people who need the help, we need it, Houston needs it," said Alexander.

Starting on Monday, D-snap applications will begin in Galveston and Wharton counties.

At the League City Plaza and Wharton Civic Center, then the following Monday, October 16th, people in Montgomery county can start applying at the fairgrounds.

You have to apply in person to get this money.

For more information on the D-SNAP program, click here.