HOUSTON – A failed smash and grab left a south Houston convenience store picking up the pieces for the second time.

According to the Houston Police Department, the suspected burglars tried to steal an ATM inside, by crashing into it, and it was all caught on camera.

It happened early Wednesday at Cullen Food Mart located off Cullen Boulevard.

Cleaning up the mess left behind, store employee, Mario Dsouza recalls the chaotic moment.

“The sound was like as if someone had planted a bomb, and the bomb had exploded that was the sound,” said Dsouza.

But this was no bomb.

Caught on the store’s surveillance video, you can see a white van as it smashes through the doors, items go flying. Seconds later, Dsouza can been seen running out.

“I didn’t know what had happened actually, but then I came out I saw that the van was inside,” said Dsouza.

He bolts back just as quickly, as soon as he realizes this was no accident.

“Three of them were wearing a mask, one was without a mask,” he said.

Their target, the store’s ATM, which they ran over instead, damaging their getaway van in the process, the four men running away, empty handed.

However, they did leave behind a license plate.

“So many crazy out there,” said owner, Saddiq Sunesara.

The store’s owner says this is the second time he’s had to deal with this.

Last month, during Harvey, someone tore out his store’s doors on the other side, hoping to grab the same ATM.

“So it does hurt financially and mentally too,” said Sunesara.

Fortunately, they do have insurance.

In the meantime, police are left investigating an all too familiar situation.

“We just take it lightly, take a deep breath, and start again,” he Sunesara.

The owner says police aren’t sure if the two failed smash and grab attempts are related, but during both times, no one was hurt.