HOUSTON – Deputies say they rescued a 14-year-old girl that had been brought to the Houston area from Chicago for the purpose of prostitution.

According to the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, two women were arrested shortly after the victim was found.

Investigators say they were reviewing 'sex-based social media' sites for documented runaways and potential trafficking victims when they found photos of the teen soliciting sex for money.

Deputies contacted her via the site and set up a 'date' at the North Villa Inn on the North Freeway, where she was found and rescued.

Teresa Henry and Centurrie Garrett were arrested and charged with compelling prostitution of a minor. Henry was also charged with human trafficking of a minor. Garrett and Henry are foster siblings.

Prosecutors say the teen was lured from Chicago by Henry via the Kikk app to be in a romantic relationship with her.

“There’s no doubt that they groomed her and she went along with the folks,” said Harris Co. Pct. Four Constable Mark Henderson. “At 14, you can't give consent.”

Prosecutors say Henry was in the room to negotiate sex acts with the undercover “John” and they agreed on a $300 price.

The teen is now in the state's care pending medical treatment and additional interviews with the Child Assessment Center.