BRAZORIA COUNTY, Texas - A former assistant principal turned stripper was sentenced Thursday to 32 years in prison after she was convicted in the death of a Pearland officer.

Amber Willemsen. 40, was convicted Tuesday of intoxication manslaughter in the 2016 death of Pearland Police officer Endy Ekpanya. She crashed head-on into Ekpanya’s cruiser while drunk.

During her sentencing hearing, Willemsen asked the jury for probation.

“There’s no excuse for the tragedy,” said Willemsen. “I’ve sat in jail and realized how completely selfish and reckless I’ve been.”

At times, Willemsen cried during her testimony.

Ex-assistant principal faces life in prison for killing police officer in DWI crash

<p>Lucy Ekpanya, widow of fallen officer Endy Ekpanya, hugs Pearland Police Captain Chad Randall during a press conference on Wednesday. </p>

“I’m not excusing what happened. It was horrible and I can’t change that,” said Willemsen. “There was a time in my life when I was successful and wanted to help kids and was a good person.”

Willemsen worked as an assistant principal before she says addictions led her in a different direction. She was as a stripper at The Ritz in Houston at the time of the deadly crash.

She admitted to drinking vodka from the bottle in the parking lot the same night she fatally struck officer Ekpanya.