HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - A woman was sentenced to 27 years in prison by a jury after being convicted of stabbing her husband to death.

According to the Harris County District Attorney's Office, Sandra Melgar, 57, was sentenced Thursday after being convicted of first-degree murder.

Jury finds woman guilty in husband's murder

Prosecutors said she stabbed her husband with a knife multiple times during the December 2012 attack, the night before their wedding anniversary. They said Melgar developed an 'elaborate rouse' in which she managed to tie her hands behind her back and faked her bondage in an effort to collect a life insurance policy.

“Sandra Melgar hacked the life out of her husband Jaime, and for that she will spend the balance of her life on a cell block,” Assistant District Attorney Colleen Barnett said. “She showed no remorse, the sentence is just.”

In addition to the 27 year sentence, Melgar was fined $10,000.