HOCKLEY, Texas - A woman and two masked men robbed a homeowner after tricking her into opening her front door in a neighborhood in Hockley.

The armed robbery happened in the 24000 block of Beef Canyon Drive on Thursday.

Deputies said Angie J Heinemamm, 42, knocked on the victim's front door and told her she accidentally hit her car.

When the victim opened the door, Heinemamm and two masked men rushed into the home. Deputies said they tied up the victim and demanded money and keys to her car.

The men were wearing ski masks and were armed with handguns.

The victim's husband returned home shortly after and saw the suspects take off with the family's Chevy Corvette. Heinenmamm followed in a second vehicle.

She was caught by deputies and is currently in Harris County Jail without bond. Deputies said she has been charged with Aggravated Robbery.

Authorities are currently looking for the two male suspects. They are only described as white males. The investigation into the identity of the suspects is ongoing, deputies said.

There has been no report of any serious injuries to the victim.