HOUSTON - Police are looking for several men who beat a man and tied him up after breaking into his home in west Houston and ransacking the place.

The man's wife said four or five men smashed through the front door of their home around noon on Friday. She said they quickly tied up her husband and beat him before ransacking the house.

The wife and mother told KHOU 11 News the thieves took cash, guns, a Rolex watch and some of her children's things as well.

“Finally when they left, I guess because they took the hogtie, they went to take it with them off of his hand. (My husband) was able to get free and he ran to our neighbors and he called the police and he called me immediately.” she said.

The thieves took a lot, but more than anything, she said they took her family's sense of safety.

Part of the break-in was caught on home surveillance footage. Houston Police are now looking over that footage in hopes of finding the suspects.

The family said they are thankful that their loved one is going to be OK.

Houston Police said it is unlikely the crime was completely random. At this time, it's unclear if HPD plans to release the home surveillance video.