HOUSTON - A couple accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill their exes appeared in court Monday.

Valerie McDaniel, a local veterinarian, and her boyfriend Leon Philip Jacob are accused of trying to kill their former lovers.

In court, officials said McDaniel told the alleged hit man she would pay $10,000 to kill her ex husband. The 'hitman' was an undercover police officer. The pivotal meeting took place at an Olive Garden near Buffalo Speedway.

Couple accused in murder-for-hire plot appear before judge

Investigators say Jacob also wanted to kill his ex-girlfriend. He was recently charged with stalking her and allegedly told the undercover officer he wanted her taken care of so she couldn’t testify. Prosecutors won't confirm a motive for McDaniel, but did confirm she was in an ongoing custody dispute with her ex-husband.

Prosecutors detailed how the people this couple allegedly wanted killed helped make their case stronger. Police faked photos of the crime scene to make the suspects believe the murders had actually occurred.

Both Jacob and McDaniel have been charged with solicitation of capital murder. Jacob was denied bail and McDaniel's was set at $50,000. Monday afternoon, McDaniel posted bond.

KHOU 11 cameras were there as she walked out of the jail. She refused to answer questions or make a comment.