HOUSTON – New details were revealed about the mom accused of murdering her young daughter.

Cameras were allowed in the courtroom as Laquita Lewis faced a judge for the very first time. Her daughter 4-year old Fredricka Allen was stabbed to death on Father's Day.

Lewis was alone in the courtroom; no sign of family or friends to support the mother now accused of killing her child.

This was her first appearance since she was charged with capital murder.

Her court-appointed attorney stood by as prosecutors explained why they believe the 34-year-old intentionally and knowingly murdered her daughter.

Investigators said little girl was stabbed in the chest multiple times Sunday.

Prosecutors said it happened sometime between the time Lewis got in a fight with her boyfriend and wrecked her car.

Fredricka’s father told investigators Lewis texted him Fredricka was no longer alive and in heaven.

Lewis went through a mental health evaluation on Monday. Her defense attorney is working to track down a mental health history of Lewis’ family, whom we’re told live out-of-state.

Lewis could also face other legal trouble for violating a probation linked to a 2016 charge when she threatened to kill her 16-year-old son.

Lewis was denied bond. She’ll be back in court in August.