The man suspected of ambushing Deputy Clint Greenwood last week was apparently holding a grudge against Harris County that dated back to 2012.

Baytown police identified 64-year-old Bill Kenny as Greenwood’s killer late Sunday night, only to learn he had killed himself the day after Greenwood was gunned down.

Kenny’s own website shows his life began spiraling out of control after his second divorce in 2011.

At one point, a former in-law called 911 to report Kenny had threatened their family. 

"My son-in-law has gone nuts," the caller said. "He's threatened me. My wife is over there. I can't get her on her cell phone. Our daughter called us and said she needed help." 

That was Kenny's ex father-in-law. Officers came out to the house, but Kenny was never charged and has no criminal history. However, after his wife filed for divorce the former computer programmer for Katy I.S.D. began to unravel.

“At this point I was extremely upset that this two-faced, back-stabbing piece of garbage would falsely report via 911 I threatened his life.  He tried to get me arrested and jailed by lying to the police and deceiving my children,” Kenny wrote in a journal on his website.

Even though Kenny was never charged, he became obsessed with the allegation and increasingly frustrated by law enforcement’s response – or lack of it.

Kenny started a website, accusing Harris County and individual law enforcement officers – including Greenwood – of corruption.

“Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) made some mistakes then broke the law to cover-up these mistakes.  Then broke more laws and covered-up other citizen crimes.  Then broke the law and framed an innocent citizen,” Kenny wrote on the website.

Greenwood was one of dozens of law enforcement officers and county employees named on the website.

“Contacted Greenwood using many methods at least 20 times this unaccountable weasel won't face me and hides behind subordinates,” Kenny wrote.

It’s not clear why Kenny singled out Greenwood.

"...why Assistant Deputy Chief Greenwood was the person he went after, we just don't know right now," Baytown Lt. Steve Dorris said. "It's going to be difficult for us to answer, because the only person who can answer it is no longer here."

Less than 24 hours after investigators say Kenny killed Greenwood, he took his own life outside Ben Taub. It would be almost a week later we learned Kenny was a suspect, identified through surveillance pictures and a car he rented using his real name.

Kenny’s family offered an apology and condolences to Deputy Greenwood’s family on Monday.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with them. We’re in shock too, said John Kenny, one of nine siblings. “He was my brother, but I can’t believe I grew up in the same house that he did.”

Kenny also had three sons, a stepdaughter and two grandsons.

Photos on Kenny's Facebook page depicted a man who once appeared to enjoy spending time with family and friends. But the public posts stopped in 2012, shortly after the divorce.

Ironically, one of his "likes" on the Facebook page was the Harris County Sheriff's Department. 

"Everyday, I saw him everyday," said Brigit Martinez, a neighbor who considered Kenny to be a friend. "He felt like everybody was against him in the divorce."

The sheriff's office told us they investigated Kenny's complaints , but there was nothing there. Deputies say they felt like it was his attempt at getting back at his ex-wife.