HOUSTON - A Houston mother is on edge, but happy to be okay after she says her car was broken into while she was inside.

The thief smashed the woman's window before darting off with her purse and what he thought was all of her money.

“It happened so fast and he was gone already. After that, I realized that my purse was gone," said the woman, who didn't want to be identified.

Her routine trip to the bank turned quickly into a nightmare she won’t soon forget.

“I would’ve never thought that it would happen to me in a million years," she said.

She may not believe it, but there’s video to prove it. Leaving the bank, on her way back to work, the video show the woman parked outside the security gate at her office, waiting for it to open.

You can see a car pull up behind her, blocking a moving lane of traffic. A man darts out, and heads straight to her passenger side window. He smashes the window, grabs her purse, and runs off.

The woman didn’t even know what happened until it was over, and her purse was also gone.

“My first reaction was to press my lock button, make sure my drivers side door was locked, because what if he pulled me out of the car, car jack me or point a gun at me or something," she said.

She says it’s no coincidence that she’d just stopped at the bank.

“I'm pretty sure that they’re probably watching, to see who drives through the bank. And maybe I'm an easy target. I was by myself," she said.

But she says the joke's on the suspects. Her wallet and cell phone were still in her lap. She forgot to put them back in her purse.

“I had everything on the driver’s seat so when it happened, they took my purse. So I had nothing in my purse. I got lucky," she said.

Those suspects may not have gotten her wallet, but the repairs to the woman’s windshield will take several days and set her back several hundred dollars.

One of the suspects is described as having black hair, 5'8, 140 pounds with a red shirt and blue shorts. If you have any information about this crime, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.