THE WOODLANDS, Texas- Woodlands residents are on alert after two women were sexually assaulted, just a month apart. Both happened at the Trailpoint at the Woodlands apartment complex in September and October.

Detectives with the Montgomery County sheriff’s office believe it may be the same suspect because each time he used a bedsheet to tie up the victim.

Monday, residents that KHOU spoke to, said they had not been notified of the very first incident on September 16th.

A note was sent to residents October 13th, the day of the second attack though, that generally warned residents to be vigilant after several crimes were reported.

“Keep my doors locked. My car locked up. Something I’ve always done. And everybody keep their eyes open,” said Diane, 17 year resident.

They were only told about the second incident in detail, the day after it happened.

“It was an unlocked back patio door and it was early in the morning and that sheets were used…to tie the invididual up,” said Diane.

Diane told KHOU that she felt mostly safe, all her years at the complex.

“Years ago they gave us some locks to put on the door. I keep my windows double locked.”

Diane was started to hear the details of the initial sexual assault from KHOU. The information had been detailed in a press release sent by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office.

It was especially upsetting for Connie Chambers, who just moved in with her two teenage daughters.

She said she had not been told of the September attack, by management, either.

“It’s nice outside so you lock your screen door and you kind of leave your door open. I probably wouldn’t have done that had I known, because anybody can hop the fence,” said Chambers.

Monday, KHOU had contacted the lead detective for the two cases and asked why residents were not notified of both incidents. We were told that our questions would be answered the following day.

KHOU was not able to reach the management company Resource Residential.Two sexual assaults just a month apart at a Woodlands apartment complex appear to be linked to the same suspect according to authorities.

The second assault happened on Sept. 16 around at 1 a.m. A woman woke to a male standing near the foot of her bed. Authorities said the suspect entered an unlocked door on the first level apartment and fled through the victim’s window. The male was described as either Caucasian or Hispanic.

A similar assault happened on Oct. 13 between 1 and 3 a.m. This woman reported that an unknown man entered her residence through an unlocked rear patio door. The victim stated that the suspect fled the scene through the same entry point and fled on foot.

The suspect in this case is also described as either Caucasian or Hispanic, male, approximately 18 to 24 years old, with a slight accent. He was reportedly wearing black work pants, a black tee shirt and white tennis shoes.

Crime Scene Investigators are actively processing evidence and follow up interviews are still being conducted. They encourage the public to be aware of surroundings, make sure your residence is secure before turning in for the evening, and to always report suspicious activity.

Anyone with information to either investigation is asked to contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Detectives Division at (936) 760-5876.