HOUSTON - Sunday services were put in jeopardy after thieves targeted air conditioning units at a southeast Houston church.

Mountaintop NE Ministries’ Bishop Abram Dixon says clergy turned the air conditioning on at 1 a.m. on Sunday. When they returned later that morning, the building was sweltering.

“So the deacons went to the back, all the units are gone and it’s like 110 degrees in here,” said Dixon.

Large tire tracks cut through knee-high grass straight to the rear of the church were five A/C units used to be.

“What am I going to do,” said Dixon. “Let’s have church anyway. We had almost 200 people in here today praising the Lord in distress in the heat.”

“It’s hot,” said Bianca Wilfork. “I mean, crime is crime and there’s no justification for it but, gosh. You have to have some boundaries. A church?”

When the church isn’t holding Sunday service, you can find its parishioners feeding the hungry, hosting prayer drive-ins and taking youth trips.

“By the grace of God everything will be back up and running and nice and cool and cooler than before come Sunday,” said Wilfork.

Dixon filed a police report and turned that information into his insurance provider; however, replacing the units is not an expense they’ve planned for.

“I believe God will do something,” said Dixon. "God is going to touch someone’s heart to help us.”

Mountain Top SE Ministries is a 501c3. For information on the church and contact information click here.