Thieves targeted workers at a southside UPS facility Saturday.

At the end of their early morning shift, 51 employees found their cars had been broken into.

The vehicles were parked in an employee parking lot off Kirbyville Street.

In a video, posted to his Facebook page, Mason Brownlow counted the damaged cars one by one.

“As we're walking out there's just glass everywhere.” Brownlow told KHOU 11 News.

Brownlow has worked at the UPS “hub” for the last five years, his car was among the ones broken into. Brownlow lost an iPhone, presents for his son, shoes, and cash.

“Nobody saw anything. Fifty-one cars got broken into and nobody saw anything.” Brownlow said, adding that his frustration about the crime includes the lack of security camera video from the parking lot.

UPS said in a statement Saturday night, it's cooperating with local law enforcement. Houston Police are investigating.

Earlier in the week a similar rash of break-ins happened at a UPS facility in Stafford. It's unclear if the two crimes are connected.