Family of Annabelle Pomeroy, 14, said she begged to sit on the front pew of Sutherland Springs’ First Baptist Church every week even with her parents out-of-town.

One of her cousins told KHOU 11 News Pomeroy’s parents adopted her young. They then raised a teen so impressive loved ones felt compelled to tell her story even though it is hard.

Jason Mckey grieves through his phone. He shared a voice diary he recorded Sunday evening after learning his first cousin, Annabelle Pomeroy died along with 25 others in a shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs.

“She was just an innocent little girl,” Mckey said. “I mean, (she was) more innocent that most and she died for her faith.”

Known as “Uncle Jason” to Annabelle because he is 27 years her senior, Mckey said Pomeroy was always respectful and obedient. He last saw her in October during a family reunion.

“She would sit Indian-style with her elbows on her knees and she would put her hands on her face and she would just look up at me and she’d just listen to everything I said.,” Mckey said.

He also said Pomeroy loved God, family and church so much that she sat on the front pew every Sunday to hear her dad’s sermons. She even insisted on being there this week while her parents were out-of-town, Mckey said.

Pomeroy’s parents’ loss is immense. On top of losing a child, they lost their closest friends too.

“I’m having a real hard time trying to communicate what I feel,” Mckey said.

So he uses his phone to vent and cope as best he can.

Mckey is one of few relatives not with the Pomeroy family at their home. He said the family is very close and encouraged him to share Annabelle’s story.