BAYTOWN, Texas – One man is dead, another hurt, and a suspect still on the loose after police say two masked men tried to break into a Baytown apartment, eventually leading to a shootout.

Police say an innocent neighbor was also wounded during that exchange of gunfire.

It happened just before 10 p.m. Sunday, near the 300 block of South Pruett.

Neighbors say what began as a quiet Sunday night, quickly erupted into sounds of gunfire.

“It sounded like metal,” said Miguel Ponton who lives in the area.

“Four sounds of something striking that metal gate,” said Marian Stein, another homeowner in the area.

Baytown detectives are currently seeking the public’s help in locating a person of interest. He is identified as 30-year-old Jeremy Jamal Wheaton Ardion.

One homeowner, who did not want to be identified, describing what she saw from the second floor of her house.

“When I looked out, I saw a guy lying down in a puddle of mud, in the yard there, crying for help,” she said.

Police say, that man crying for help was 18-year-old Jalen Cole, of Baytown.

Authorities say he is one of two suspects, accused of trying to break into the apartment unit.

Cole was shot and killed, after a shootout ensued between him, his accomplice and the family living inside.

Police say his partner ran away, they’re now looking for him.

One of the victims during that exchange of gunfire, next door neighbor, 44-year-old Derrick Frank.

His sister, Cynthia Frank frantic for answers, showed up on scene Monday morning, after hearing the news from her sister.

“I was like what are you talking about? Where was he at, who shot him? And that’s when she told me he was home, and he got shot with the bullet coming through the home,” said Cynthia Frank.

Police say during the shootout, Frank was shot in the shoulder, after being struck by a stray bullet.

A picture shared by his sister shows the bullet hole that went through the wall, sofa, and later into his body.

Frank was taken to a Houston hospital, to undergo surgery.

Cynthia Frank says her niece was also one of the family members caught in between the attempted home invasion.

She says her niece lives next door to her brother, who has been disabled since 2011, and often checks on him along with other family members.

Frank now just wants some answers about what happened to her brother.

“It’s heartbreaking, it’s devastating,” she said.

Police say they’re still trying to figure out the motive, and ask if you have any information on this case, to give Baytown Crime Stoppers a call at 281-427-TIPS.

And while this is still an ongoing investigation, police do have a person of interest

They’re looking for 30-year-old Jeremy Ardion, if you have any information on his whereabouts give Baytown Police a call.